Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kampala frenzy

The last few days were quite an adventure. On Sunday I travelled to the village of Namyoya to attend a church service with nearly 200 villagers who were more than happy to lift praises to our Lord. They were packed into that church like sardines in a can. This was an incredible sight! These folks were living right at the poverty level, but they loved to be in church.
Afterwards I went to another impoverished village and met one of the families that GFR sponsors.
On Monday I travelled 6 hours due west of Kampala to Fort Portal to visit the students at Tooro High School. They warmly welcomed me to their school and had a quick tour of the place, before going around the village for 2 home visits to GFR families in the area. Home for that night was the Tooro Resort, located just down the road from Tooro HS.
Tuesday I travelled over 2 hours southwest along dangerous potholed roads to a very impoverished village to visit another sponsored family. The villagers treated me like their favorite rock star as I entered the poor village. They had a celebration planned for us as well.
Made a quick stopover at Idah's home for cookies and bananas. Then it was time to begin the 4-hour drive back into Kampala. We snaked around potholes and ruts like a slalom racer. Arrival in Kampala was around dusk and we were quickly engulfed in a sea of Mtatu taxis and botas.
Wednesday was a "free" day, so I opted to go into Kampala once again to take in the sights of this city, which was teeming with activity on this sunny midday. Went to a market and then to the Garden City Mall for a quick bite to eat. Took an evening walk down Ggaba Road near the guest house to view the night markets along this crowded thoroughfare. Tomorrow I will head 6 hours northwest to Gulu, returning to Kampala on Saturday night.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi! This Is My First Uganda BLog

This is me, being mobbed by fifty schoolchildren in Namyoya